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A lifetime of good oral health all starts with the proper dental cleaning for kids. Many kids aren’t great at brushing their teeth or taking good care of their oral health. While parents can help children with these tasks at home, a busy lifestyle can often leave children to their own devices when it comes to brushing on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular kids’ teeth cleanings at our pediatric dental office in Chino Hills & Eastvale, CA. We take great pride in making sure your kids have the solid foundation they need to prevent future problems and protect their beautiful smile.

Our Dental Team Is Ready to Help

At Kids Dental Specialists, our team of professionals is ready to help you take good care of your child’s teeth. When they come in for a pediatric dental cleaning in Chino Hills & Eastvale, CA, we work with them to teach them the proper way to brush and educate them on the importance of taking good care of their teeth, even when they haven’t yet lost their baby teeth. We’ll even explain all of the equipment we use and show them how it works before we use it so they feel more comfortable with the experience. We understand how intimidating many of the tools we use can be for anyone, particularly children, and want to make sure they understand. We’ve found kids are more likely to be receptive to new experiences when they know what to expect.

It’s Our Goal to Educate

Whether you’re still brushing your child’s teeth for them or you have let them take on the task themselves, our kids’ dentist does more than just clean your child’s teeth. We show them the areas they’re missing and help them find better ways to complete the task to keep their teeth as healthy as possible. Our pediatric dentist is dedicated to ensuring every child has the necessary tools to get the job done right for those times in between dental cleanings for kids. Not only will this minimize the risk of experiencing problems in between dental visits, but it will make our work much easier so your child spends less time in the dental chair.

We Understand Emergencies

Although regular pediatric dental cleanings in Chino Hills & Eastvale, CA, are the key to healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime, we also understand emergencies come up, particularly when children are involved. Whether your child experiences an excruciating toothache despite regular kids’ teeth cleaning procedures or they are involved in an accident that affects their teeth, our emergency dentist is standing by to provide the quality care they require. We can take care of any issue, even if it occurs outside regular hours, giving you peace of mind your child’s dental health is a top priority.

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