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Mouth Guard

Kids’ Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding and Preventative Care

Mouth guards are dental appliances that help protect teeth against injury. They are often worn by kids and adults who suffer from Bruxism, and are also vital to those who participate in contact sports and other activities where they are at risk of dental injury. Mouth guards can be custom made or generic, and are designed to protect the entire oral region of the face from harm. This preserves the appearance and health of teeth.

Mouth guards fit over both rows of teeth, and may be worn at night if a child is grinding their teeth while they sleep (Bruxism).

Generic mouth guards can be purchased online or in stores, and are quite suitable for protecting your children’s teeth against injury. However, sometimes a custom-made mouth guard is better for your child’s dental health and comfort. You should discuss options with your child’s dentist in Chino Hills to determine the best choice.

How They Help

Mouth guards are primarily used to protect teeth, but they can also reduce the damage caused by an impact to the face- Which minimizes the risk of serious brain injury.

Along with brain injuries, mouth guards can also help reduce the risk of the following injuries:

  • Concussions
  • Jawbone Fractures
  • Gum Injuries
  • Cheek, Tongue, or Lip Lesions
  • Various Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Tooth Fractures
  • Neck Injuries

The Options

There are pros and cons to each type of mouth guard. Store-bought varieties can be used immediately, and often you will find them in universal (one-size-fits-all) designs. These types of guards are inexpensive and easy to find.

Another type you can purchase online or in-store is “boil and bite” mouth guards. These are a little more comfortable than other generic appliances, and will match your child’s bite. They are also usually easier to breathe in, and provide slightly more protection.

However, custom-fit mouth guards offer the greatest degree of comfort and protection. They are specially made by your pediatric dentist and designed specifically for your child. An impression of their teeth is taken, and then the mouth guard is constructed from that mold.

These types of guards require dental visits and take time to produce, and are therefore not readily available. They are also more expensive than generic options. However, since this type of guard is the most comfortable to wear, your child may be more likely to wear it.

A Kids Dentist Near Chino Hills, CA

Mouth guards in pediatric dentistry are a great way to help prevent young patients from suffering from a dental injury, and aid in protecting their overall dental health. If you are searching for a children’s dentist in Chino Hills and the surrounding areas that can provide your child with a custom mouth guard, contact us today to schedule an appointment at Kids Dental Specialists.

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