Comprehensive Care for Kids: Pediatric Dentist in Covina, Ca

Going to the dentist can be quite a scary experience for many people – especially children. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to treat and care for your child’s teeth. Here at Kids Dental Specialists, we go the extra mile to make the environment welcoming and fun for kids.

Pediatric dentistry requires additional education and specialized training. Our doctors know exactly what issues to watch for, because they understand how bones and teeth change as children get older. They can anticipate issues and treat them before becoming a problem.

Smiling baby in gray onesie lies next to giant toy tooth on blue blanket

Kid-Friendly Environment

We understand how precious children are, and they deserve the best dental care possible. Not only do children need to feel comfortable coming here, but parents do, as well. That means having a warm, welcome staff to greet our guests, and having toys, books, and games for distraction and entertainment. A low-stress, fun environment encourages everyone to relax and enjoy their visit.

Parental Involvement

Our main goal is to provide exceptional dental care to our patients. We also, however, strive to keep parents informed. We are always happy to answer questions and address any concerns you may have.

We can also make professional recommendations regarding habits and dental care at home. Our doctors and staff treat each patient individually, and work with parents together as a team.

Full Service Dental Care for Kids

From infant exams to specialized treatments, Kids Dental Specialists offers services for all your child’s dental needs. Our pediatric dental office focuses on making it fun to learn about teeth and good oral health.

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Kids Dental Specialists is here for all your child’s dental and oral health needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

Emergency Dental Care & Services

Kids Dental Specialists also offers emergency dental services you can count on. If your child has an oral injury while playing sports after school or on the weekend, we are here to help.

Children’s Dentist in West Covina, CA

We welcome all patients from the greater Covina area. Whether it’s time for your infant’s first exam, or your teen needs a regular checkup, give us a call. We offer comprehensive dental care for children of all ages, and take pride in giving them the care that they deserve.

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