Tooth Eruption

A Kids Dentist in Yorba Linda on Tooth Eruption

What is An Erupted Tooth?

An erupted tooth is a tooth that has broken the surface of the gum tissue and become visible. Primary teeth are the first teeth to erupt, also known as baby teeth. Generally, baby teeth first start to emerge at anywhere from six months old to a year. These teeth are the central incisors (front teeth) and develop on the lower and upper jaws.

Next come what are known as the lateral incisors, which are adjacent to the central incisors. These  emerge on the upper and lower jaws, and usually emerge anywhere from nine months old to sixteen months.

At anywhere from thirteen months to two years old, the first molars emerge. These are the large, flatter teeth closer to the back of the mouth, on both the upper and lower jaws. When molars first erupt, the process can be painful.

Then, canine (cuspid) teeth erupt on the upper and lower jaws between sixteen months old and two years. Canine teeth are beside the lateral incisors. Finally, second molars usually emerge between two and three years old, and are found at the very back of the mouth on both the upper and lower jaws.

When your child’s first teeth start to come in, it is wise to clean them gently with a soft, clean cloth, gauze, or a baby-safe toothbrush, and a very small amount of fluoride-free toothpaste. Talk to your dentist if you have any questions about at-home infant dental care.

As your child gets older, their baby teeth will slowly be replaced with permanent, adult teeth. Adult teeth tend to emerge in the order as follows:

  • Incisors (both central and lateral) – Ages six to eight years old
  • First Molars – Ages six to seven years old
  • Canines – Ages nine to twelve years old
  • Pre-molars (both second and first) – Ages ten to twelve years old
  • Second Molars – Ages eleven to thirteen years old
  • Wisdom Teeth (third molars) – Ages seventeen to twenty-five years old

Teeth often erupt in pairs, which means that months may go by without any tooth eruptions, before suddenly finding two or more teeth are starting to come in at the same time. Most young children have a mixture of primary and permanent teeth.

Primary teeth are smaller than permanent teeth because a child’s jaw size will not usually accommodate larger teeth. Baby teeth are also whiter in appearance because the enamel on them is thinner than that of adult teeth.

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