We Offer Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Near Yorba Linda, CA

While getting dental care regularly for your children from infancy can help prevent some of the feelings of fear and anxiety some children experience, not everyone will enjoy the benefits. Some children simply feel more anxious than others. That’s how pediatric sedation dentistry can help. At Kids Dental Specialists, we offer several types of sedation dentistry to ensure every child can get the quality dental care they require. With our treatments, children will feel calmer during their time at our dental office so we can safely and accurately do our job.

A Variety of Options

When most people hear about pediatric sedation dentistry near Yorba Linda, CA, they think of just one type. However, we offer a variety of options to ensure children feel comfortable. For most kids, nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, works well. This gas is safe to use and is mixed with oxygen to ensure children are safe throughout the procedure. It basically relaxes the body and allows them to feel more comfortable throughout the procedure. However, for those who need something more, oral sedation is available in pill and liquid form, as well as IV sedation for those who can’t swallow the oral form. General anesthesia is only used for certain procedures or for children with conditions that don’t allow them to remain still.

We Help You Decide

It can be difficult for parents to decide whether pediatric sedation dentistry is right for their child and if so, which type. That’s why our children’s dentist near Yorba Linda, CA, will ask you questions and help you make the best choice for your child. It’s our goal to ensure every child can get the quality dental care they require safely.

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