Decreased Risk, Increased Comfort – A New Dental Approach

What Sets Kids Dental Specialists Apart From The Others?

Kids Dental Specialists goes to great lengths to make visiting the dentist a pleasant, pain free experience. We’ve invested heavily in making sure our patients have the best experience possible when visiting our office. We decrease our patient’s risk while at the same time increasing their comforts. Below are some of the tools we use to improve your child’s experience.

The Wand

One of the most uncomfortable aspects about dentistry is an injection. The Wand releases a computerized dose of anesthetic for dental patients that is both immediate and pain free. It can also provide dental anesthesia for one tooth, instead of making a larger portion of the mouth numb. The Wand also prevents lip-biting injuries post treatment for most children because only one tooth is numbed at a time, not the cheek or tongue.

Laser Dentistry

The laser will numb the tooth so a majority of teeth can be treated without a shot or dental drill. The laser is also less invasive when removing tooth structures and it can remove cavities in less time than the drill. Many people don’t like the sound or feel of a drill in their mouth. Lasers make the process of getting a tooth filled much more pleasant than drilling. Also, no shots are needed if a laser is used to remove a cavity.

Dental Imaging Tools

One of the reasons many people, especially children, don’t like to go to the dentist is because they have to have x-rays taken of their teeth. It is hard for them to sit still while the pictures are done, and the x-ray machines are just not that comfortable. Now there are several new ways of imaging that are lightning fast and much more comfortable ways for the dentist to see how healthy your teeth are inside and out.

The Nomad X-ray

The Nomad x-ray machine is an improvement on the old dental x-ray machine. Instead of having a large, imposing x-ray machine pointed at your head and biting down on an unwieldy object in your mouth, the Nomad hand held x-ray machine can take a picture of your teeth in seconds. It shows your dentist where unseen cavities lie so they can be treated and keep your mouth healthy.

Dexis Sensor

The Dexis Sensor is another way for the dentist to look closely at your teeth to determine if you have cavities. The Dexis Sensor has a much higher resolution and produces much clearer images to more accurately diagnose any dental cavities or decay that might exist. Nine out of ten dental patients say that the Dexis Sensor is much more comfortable to use than any other method of dental imaging they have experienced, as well.

Soprolife Camera

A tiny camera inserted into your mouth, the Soprolife camera takes very accurate pictures of your teeth instead of x-rays. The biggest advantage to using the Soprolife method of detecting dental cavities is that it can detect very tiny cavities before they get to be a more serious dental issue. Soprolife is an imaging fluoroscopic device that helps dentists see and treat cavities in the early stages. Plus, the patient can see what the dentist is seeing while he or she is working, which makes the experience interesting and educational for the patient.

Isolite Suction

One of the newest dental gadgets that makes children’s dentistry more pleasant is Isolite suction. The Isolite machine uses great suction with a light to help the dentist keep the area he or she is working on clean, clear of debris, and well lit. Patients appreciate that the Isolite system is more comfortable for them to use, as they don’t feel like they are choking or gagging when it is in use. Doctors appreciate that it illuminates the dental area, reduces debris in the area they are working, and eliminates foggy views.

EZ-Pedo Crowns

If you need to have a crown placed on a tooth, it is important to have a durable yet comfortable crown. Some people are actually allergic to temporary and/or permanent crowns. The use of the EZ-Pedo crown allows the crown to last longer. The crown is made of zirconium, which is a natural, highly durable material to be placed in the mouth. Using the zirconium EZ-Pedo crown protects the tooth and the gums. Plus, the tooth is almost indestructible.

Acquiring the latest technology is an investment were willing to make if it provides a better experience for our patients. Putting you and your child at ease is our number one priority at Kids Dental Specialists. Please feel free to ask for more details about any of our procedures.

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