The Link Between Carbohydrates and Cavities

By now, most parents understand the effects that sugar can have on their child’s teeth, but what about carbs? Seemingly harmless snacks such as fruit snacks or Goldfish don’t seem like much of a threat, but in reality, they can lead to surprise cavities in your child’s mouth. As parents guiding your children in a healthy direction, here’s what you should know about carbs and unexpected cavity development.

White Flour is the Culprit

Believe it or not, refined and processed foods such as white bread, chips, crackers or pasta can be just as harmful to your child’s mouth as excess amounts of sugar. Carbohydrates in the mouth trigger bacteria to create acid which can attack the enamel in the mouth.

Enamel is the protective layer on your teeth that helps fight off cavities. If the enamel is attacked and ultimately worn down, the presence of carbs can lead to tooth decay.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

In addition to starchy foods like pasta or bread, sugary drinks can also impact enamel. Sports drinks, juices, energy drinks and other sweetened beverages can cause the lingering carbs in the mouth to combine with excess amounts of bacteria, creating an acid that can break down the teeth.

Reducing Bacteria in the Mouth

Of course, carbohydrates are a normal part of any child’s diet, but parents can do their part to reduce the development of harmful acids and bacteria. Opt to give your child water over flavored beverages whenever possible. If they consume carbohydrates, rinsing their mouth out with water is a simple step to reduce bacteria.

Finally, visiting our children’s dentist near Yorba Linda is a helpful tool to combat cavities and encourage healthy oral health habits.

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