Oral Health Habits to Teach Your Kids Early

The sooner you can begin teaching your child beneficial oral health habits, the sooner they will understand the importance of taking care of his or her smile! At Kids Dental Specialists, it is our goal to help both kids and their parents feel confident about their oral health routine, and we strive to be a resource for you at every turn.

Our children’s dentist near Yorba Linda encourages you to make oral health a regular topic of conversation in your household! Pass along these tips to your kids (or brush up on your dental knowledge as an adult!) and reap the rewards for years to come.

Brush Long Enough

Many people brush often enough, but many don’t necessarily brush long enough. You should always encourage your child to brush his or her teeth for at least two minutes each session to get the most out of their brushing benefits. To make things more exciting and entertaining for them, you can also let your child pick out a song of choice.

A Healthy Diet Goes a Long Way

Kids don’t understand the concept of sugary snacks and sweets on their oral health, but if you lead by example and eat a well-balanced diet, your kids will follow suit. Teaching them that what they eat has an impact on their smile can make them more mindful of what they are eating. At the very least, it can help them understand that eating candy all day can result in plaque and tartar build-up, or you can call it a toothache.

The Dentist is Their Friend

Dental phobia often starts when kids are young, but visiting our children’s dentist near Yorba Linda can help them understand that the dentist’s office isn’t a scary place. Our team prides ourselves on interacting with our patients in a warm, welcoming manner. We know what it takes to help your child relax and enjoy their experience with us. In turn, this can help you enjoy your experience as well.

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