Is Fluoride Treatment Good for Your Teeth?

Fluoride is in a variety of different things we see in our daily life, but you may be wondering, what is fluoride and how can it help your teeth? Fluoride is a natural element that helps protect teeth and prevent tooth decay by strengthening the outer layers of enamel, restoring important minerals to tooth surfaces.

Fluoride fights bacteria that damages teeth and gums, which makes it especially efficient at fighting cavities. This is because cavities are caused by the buildup of bacteria and plaque. Plaque slowly erodes teeth and gum tissue. If left untreated, cavities can lead to infection, gum disease, tooth loss, etc.

Small amounts of fluoride can be found in drinking water and some foods, but the true benefits of fluoride can be utilized when a patient undergoes a dental fluoride treatment.

For example, if a patient has deep fissures on the chewing surfaces of their teeth, those crevices collect food particles which in turn increases the chance of cavity development. Fluoride treatments help prevent this by strengthening enamel and fighting bacteria.

Children’s teeth may also be frequently exposed to high amounts of sugar, like in juice and milk. Fluoride treatments help protect teeth from plaque buildup linked to sugar.

Are Fluoride Treatments Safe for Toddlers?

Fluoride is not only safe to be used in children’s dental regimens, it can greatly benefit their oral health. Children who are exposed to fluoride in their dental care are far less likely to develop cavities than children who are not. It is important to make sure that children do not consume fluoride toothpaste/fluoride mouthwash or otherwise accumulate too much of it in their bodies. However, fluoride treatments, mouth rinses, and toothpastes are all favorable additions to a young patient’s oral care when recommended by a pediatric dentist.

Dental Fluoride Treatment in Chino Hills, CA

Fluoride treatments are simple and effective. The dentist applies a highly concentrated fluoride rinse, foam, gel, or varnish to the patient’s teeth. They may apply it with a swab, tray, or brush. These treatments contain a substantial amount of fluoride, which teeth absorb quickly. The application process usually only takes a few minutes.

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