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​How Exercise Affects Your Children’s Oral Health

Physical exercise is vital to maintaining our overall health and wellbeing. People who make it a point to exercise regularly are generally healthier than those who do not, and that fact can extend to oral health.

Regarding exercise and our teeth, recent studies show that taking part in regular exercise lowers the risk of developing gum disease by over 50%. Those who take part in even occasional exercise lessen their risk of developing periodontal disease by over 30%.

Beyond this, it should also be noted that maintaining an appropriate body mass index (BMI) also helps benefit your oral health. People who maintain a healthy weight by exercising and eating well reduce their risk of suffering from dental issues by 40%.

While there are definite positives to exercising for your physical, and oral, health, taking part in frequent physical activity does have the potential to lead to dental emergencies and injuries. For example, a physical injury such as blunt force trauma, like when a ball hits someone in the face, can knock out teeth and even cause soft tissue damage. Such injuries can lead to swelling and infection if the injury is not treated.

Additionally, if a tooth is knocked out and never replaced, other teeth may shift, which may cause the patient to have difficulty talking, chewing, or lead to bite alignment issues.

Also, during sports activities, people often rely on sports drinks to stay hydrated because they are filled with electrolytes. However, these are a dangerous thirst quencher when it comes to your teeth. Due to the high amounts of sugar and acid found in sports drinks, they can damage teeth in as little as five days with regular consumption.

In addition to this information, studies have shown that people who spend considerable amounts of time exercising typically have a higher pH level of saliva, and also produce less saliva naturally. This causes a decrease in the proteins which help prevent tooth decay, meaning that athletes may have a higher risk of developing cavities.

​What Are Mouth Guards?

Mouth Guards are protective dental appliances that people wear during sports activities and exercise to decrease the risk of sustaining an injury to their teeth and/or gums. Mouth Guards are especially useful in contact sports.

​Mouth Guard Dentist in Chino Hills

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