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Baby Teeth and Shark Teeth

Baby teeth are important for many reasons. They help children speak properly, chew their food, and act as placeholders for permanent teeth which emerge as children get older. “Shark teeth” is a common term for a dental condition where permanent teeth grow in behind existing baby teeth, rather than replace them after they fall out. This issue is termed “shark teeth” because sharks are known to have more than one row of teeth.

Typically, shark teeth occur because adult teeth start to erupt before baby teeth fall out, usually due to an adult tooth failing to dissolve the roots of the baby tooth. This allows the baby tooth to stay in place, and the adult tooth is left with nowhere to grow but behind it.

Each case is different, but shark teeth most often occur in children ages six and eleven. Usually, shark teeth are seen behind the front teeth in the bottom row, but they can occur in the top row, as well.

Baby Teeth X-Rays in Chino Hills

Treatment for this condition is not usually necessary. Baby teeth that did not fall out in time to make room for adult teeth will still usually loosen and fall out on their own. However, with dental X-rays in Eastvale, and nearby areas, your dentist can tell whether or not a baby tooth should be extracted in order to allow the adult tooth to come in properly.

It is important to bring your child to the dentist regularly for check-ups so that they can receive dental X-rays when necessary.

Shark teeth are a fairly harmless dental condition, and easily resolved. However, regular evaluations will ensure your children’s teeth and gums stay healthy, and potential dental problems are addressed before they can become serious issues.

An Emergency Dentist in Chino Hills

While shark teeth rarely call for emergency dental treatment, it is important to know a pediatric dentist you can rely on in emergency situations. For emergency dental care in Chino Hills, Eastvale, and the surrounding areas, Kids Dental Specialists is here to help. Contact us when and if your child suffers from a dental injury, or they are experiencing acute tooth pain or oral discomfort.

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