Composite Bonding in Chino Hills – Children’s Teeth

Dental Bonding for Children’s Teeth

Dental Bonding for Children’s Teeth

Baby teeth are essentially placeholders for adult teeth. They help provide direction for adult teeth to grow in properly, and are necessary for chewing food and speaking. However, most people likely think of baby teeth as non-essential, since they are designed to fall out on their own as children grow into adolescents. Despite this, when a baby tooth is damaged, repairing the tooth may be better for the child’s dental health than allowing it to remain as is until it falls out.

Dental bonding is a simple way to repair damaged baby teeth. It may be a popular treatment for adults who have suffered minor dental injuries, as well, but it is usually optimal for repairing children’s teeth.

Dental Bonding – The Process

Dental bonding is a relatively simple procedure, and is used to treat several kinds of dental issues, such as cracks and chips, misshapen teeth, etc.

During a dental bonding procedure, your dentist will shave the surface of your natural tooth in order to ensure the bonding material that is applied will stick. The material is composite resin, and it is the same color as your natural teeth and will mask any damage, such as a chip or discoloration. The resin will then be shaped to look like a natural tooth, and a curing light will be used to harden the resin and bond it permanently to the natural tooth structure.

Why Repair A Baby Tooth

Children are notorious for tripping, falling, and otherwise suffering minor injuries due to youthful clumsiness and high energy levels. Because of this, some of the minor injuries suffered can include dental injuries. Issues like cracked teeth, chips, or other damage done to baby teeth should often be repaired to benefit the child’s overall oral health.

Dental bonding is a painless and simple solution to many of these issues. Your dentist may suggest dental bonding if your child has suffered a chipped tooth in order to prevent speech issues, or cuts to soft tissue, such as the tongue, due to the tooth’s sharp edge. Filing the tooth smooth is another option, but the area that is filed will be more vulnerable to decay.

Some kids may also feel self conscious if they have a damaged front tooth. Other situations, such as a snaggle tooth caused by something like baby bottle tooth decay or thumb sucking, should be repaired in order to protect the natural tooth structure and prevent premature fallout.

Also, dental bonding can help a natural tooth keep its shape if it has suffered from minor decay or other damage which could lead to it becoming misshapen.

When is Dental Bonding Not Necessary

Dental bonding for a child’s baby tooth may not be necessary if the tooth is going to fall out soon. Additionally, when tooth damage is severe, dental bonding may not be a permanent solution and therefore, your dentist may suggest another kind of restorative treatment.

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