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When it comes to your kids, you want only the best. This includes their dental care. At Kids Dental Specialists, you’ll find a reliable children’s dentist who can take care of all of your child’s dental needs in a safe, comfortable environment. It’s our goal to ensure every child gets the routine dental cleanings and x-rays they need for a healthy mouth, as well as restorative treatments to take care of any problems that arise along the way. We take great pride in providing all of our pediatric patients with the education they need to learn how to properly care for their teeth at home in between visits to set a solid foundation for optimal oral health.

A Safe, Comfortable Environment

Children are more likely than most to experience anxiety and even fear about visiting a dentist. That’s why our dentist for kids designed an office that’s decorated to appeal to kids and help set them at ease when they visit the office. Whether they’re playing with the toys in the waiting room or sitting in a dental chair getting dental sealants or other treatments, they will feel more comfortable. Because we explain all of our tools and how we use them, children feel less anxious than they would if these items were unfamiliar to them. We want every child to feel confident as they sit in the dental chair.

All of Their Dental Needs

We provide all of the treatments pediatric patients may need throughout their childhood and into their adolescence. We recommend all children get a full dental cleaning once every six months, along with any required care that may come along in between those visits. However, depending on the state of your child’s teeth or the development of problems, we may suggest more frequent dental visits to take care of the issues. Whether your child does well with only routine cleanings and examinations, or they are prone to cavities and other issues that need treatment, our pediatric dentist can provide all of the care they need without worrying about having to find another dentist in between.

We Even Handle Emergencies

Every parent knows how often emergencies or accidents occur that require more immediate care. At our dental office in Eastvale, CA, you will find an emergency dentist who can take care of those severe toothaches that happen outside business hours or the nasty side effects of an injury that affects the teeth or mouth.

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